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Kyle Vincent Sings the Great Manilow Songbook


4PAN1TAPK_KyleVincent_2.inddSongTree Records announces the release of Kyle Vincent Sings The Great Manilow Songbook,, featuring eleven classic hit songs made popular by Barry Manilow in the 1970s. The album also includes a bonus track – a new, unreleased Kyle Vincent original song – “Mother and Daughter”.

Kyle Vincent is quite possibly the most appropriate artist to give these songs new life.

Vincent has been a fan of Manilow’s since he was a teen, many times citing the iconic entertainer as his biggest influence. But more than just a fan, with 12 solo albums under his belt, Vincent has become a peer, even having been the opening act for Manilow’s “Greatest Hits & Then Some” tour of the U.S., the final show of that tour taking place at the same hometown venue where a young starry-eyed Vincent had waited all night for tickets to see the pop icon.

manilowcoverThe CD package comes with a 6-page booklet telling the poignant story of Vincent as an ardent “Fanilow”, reflecting upon why he took on this project in the first place: “I discovered Barry Manilow’s music at a point in my life where I really needed direction and purpose. I was a trained jazz musician from a very young age, but never considered it as a career. When I first heard Barry Manilow Live, everything changed. I would rush home each day after school and sing for hours on end to the Barrys – Gibb and Manilow. I learned to sing to their voices, but also learned melody and songcraft.”

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