Barry Manilow proclaims him to be “One of the best singer songwriters to come along since the heyday of Tin Pan Alley”. Goldmine calls him “The Crown Prince of soft pop”. While others simply call what he does…Chill Pop.


“Sometimes I Don’t Miss You” is currently receiving heavy airplay in Metro Manila! Please Request it on


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UPDATED TOUR SCHEDULE  (all times are local time zone)

11.27   LIVE on the WISH 107.5 BuS!          6PM 

11.28   Guest DJ on RetroDCG-FM 105.9    6PM       6-10PM Kyle will be spinning 70s & 80s songs, telling stories, and taking your texts LIVE for 4 hours! Be sure and listen in! Stream it here:

11.30  Guest on RJ100 with Steve O’Neal    9AM

12.4    Live on FM Ham-star, Hiroshima   3PM                 12.5    HIROSHIMA at Okidokei   6PM                    

12.9    KOBE at Coka57    6PM

12.12  TOKYO at Three (Shimokitazawa) 12PM 

12.14  TOKYO at IOWN w/Chihana  7PM            

12.19  OSAKA at Raw Tracks    5:30PM                

12.20  KYOTO at Blue Eyes   6PM                                   

1.17.16 LOS ANGELES, CA at Lyric/Hyperion Theatre)  7PM  Songwriter’s Square

NEWEST ALBUM: “DETOUR”                                       Available Here: Kyle discusses his newest album: “I have never worked so hard on a project, seriously toiling over every single vocal note, every millisecond of music, sometimes for hours on end just deciding how far left to pan an electric piano or whether there really should be a french horn on the outro of a particular song. Yes, I become a bit of a loon when unleashed in a recording studio, but I just needed these songs to sound the very best they could for you guys. I wrote or cowrote over 30 new songs for this album, and picked the 13 (plus two surprise tidbits) that seemed to rise to the top or worked within the concept. It’s a 57-minute diary of my life the past couple of years. The CD features a full-color multi-panel package that we also spent long hours designing to get just right. This album is meant to be experienced under headphones, laying on the floor in the dark, from beginning to end. Well, that’s how I imagine you listening to it anyway. I hope you get as much out of “Detour” as I did in making it.”

Kyle WON for BEST MALE VOCAL at the Hollywood Music In Media Award!!! The win was for the song “Happy Me”, the first cut off his “Detour” album! 





If you missed KV performing the National Anthem at AT&T Park in San Francisco, here’s a clip:
National Anthem