Kyle Vincent Performs in the Phillippines

Barry Manilow proclaims him to be"One of the best singer songwriters to come along since the heyday of Tin Pan Alley" Goldmine calls him "The Crown Prince of soft pop" While others simply call what he does…Chill Pop.





I am thrilled to announce that I have finished my NEW ALBUM!

It is currently in the hands of the CD elves who are busily assembling it.


PRE-ORDERS STARTING RIGHT NOW! Only Available Here: ttp://

All pre-orders will be shipped at least 1 week PRIOR to the official release date, and will be signed and include a FREE collectible KV PickCard featuring four Kyle guitar picks!

Here’s an idea—If you want to give this to someone as a holiday gift, simply print out the order page and stuff their stocking! Then they will know they have a special musical gift to look forward to warm up their January!

I have never worked so hard on a project, seriously toiling over every single vocal note, every millisecond of music, sometimes for hours on end just deciding how far left to pan an electric piano or whether there really should be a bazouki on the outro of a particular song. Yes, I become a bit of a loon when unleashed in a recording studio, but I just needed these songs to sound the best they could for you guys. I wrote or cowrote over 30 new songs for this album, but picked the 13 (plus two surprise tidbits) that seemed to rise to the top or worked within the concept. It’s a 57-minute diary of my life the past couple of years, featuring some of the best musicians on the planet, and some spectacular co-writers including old friends Tommy Dunbar and Parthenon Huxley, plus new collaborators—the multi-award-winning Debra Gussin, and a brand new songwriter named Mileah Merrill. The CD features a full-color multi-panel package that we also spent long hours designing to get it just right. There’s more, but I won’t give it all away just yet.

As of now no release date is set for digital downloads, iTunes, etc. It should be available in that crappy format at some point after the CD release date. But really, after all my hard work, do you REALLY want to hear a compressed, micro-sized version of these songs, or the full-bodied, lush, joyous extravagance?! This album is meant to be experienced under headphones, laying on the floor in the dark, from beginning to end. Well, that’s how I imagine you listening to it anyway.

As always, thanks to all of you for your patience, support, enthusiasm, and encouragement. There were many times I seriously wondered if this would ever get done, and no way would it have, had it not been for my faithful friends and fans around the world. Next year I plan to have CD Release shows in every town in every country! But for now, I’m just happy to say:

I’m DONE, Jack!

Kyle WON for BEST MALE VOCAL at the Hollywood Music In Media Award!!! The win was for the song "Happy Me", the first cut off his forthcoming album! 








If you missed KV performing the National Anthem at AT&T Park in San Francisco, here's a clip: National Anthem


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Have fun!